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“If you are serious about getting in shape with Virtual Training, CONSISTENCY is key! Creating a HABIT by setting aside time to complete your workout is crucial. Having a PERSONAL ADVOCATE along the way will further increase your chances for SUCCESS!”

Debbie Ivie

Debbie’s 1-Month Plan For Virtual Success!

1-MONTH PLAN: $258**

  1. Start with a consultation and fitness evaluation with Debbie (FaceTime, Zoom, or In-Person).
  2. A 30-Minute Personalized One-on-One LIVE Training Session with Debbie (FaceTime, Zoom, or In-Person).
  3. Two YouTube Training Sessions created by Debbie just for YOU!
  4. Weekly Communication (2-way).

**Nutritional Guidance (extra)

She will be with you every step of the way in attaining your fitness goals.

Virtual Training Options

  1. FaceTime/Zoom(30 min)-$40**
  2. Personalized YouTube Video-$30**

**One-time consultation and fitness evaluation required-$75

Fitness Goals

  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Increased Strength/Tone
  • Increased Endurance/Conditioning
  • Improve Flexibility/Mobility/Balance
  • Functional Training
  • Recovery from Injury
  • Sport- Specific Training
  • and more…

Fitness Methods

  • Circuit Resistance Training
  • Functional Training
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Periodization
  • Combo: Cardio/Strength Training
  • Online Training and Guidance
  • Nutritional MY PLATE Guidance
  • and more…
Iphone with Deb demonstrating exercises in her gym

How to make the most of your Virtual Training Program:

  • Be very specific and candid in the consultation. Inform your trainer of any past injuries or concerns. Building a rapport with your trainer is just as crucial as an in-studio relationship.
  • It is very wise to start with a one-on-one LIVE session, so your trainer can give you important feedback in real time about your body positioning and execution. This is an opportunity for 2-way communication.
  • Don’t hesitate in contacting your trainer with any questions or feedback about your workout or how your body is responding to the workouts.
  • Consistency. Make it happen!

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