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“I have been training with Deb for 8 years. She is different from the other trainers I have tried. Everything Deb does with me focuses on my specific needs, rehabilitates minor injuries I have, and transforms my fitness. I play both golf and tennis a lot. Deb’s focus on optimizing my strength, flexibility and stamina as it specifically relates to the sports I play,  have clearly made me a better golfer, tennis player and athlete!”

Meigan Putnam

Certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Professional

Debbie Ivie has worked with numerous local golfers for over 10 years.  She understands the component parts of the golf swing and the sequence of muscle activity that efficiently transfers power, as well as the mobility, flexibility and balance aspects that all combine for solid technique.


  1. Identifies Physical Limitations
  2. Increased Swing Efficiency
  3. Prevention of Injury

Swing Efficiency is directly connected to body function.  This screen can take your game to the next level. Your individualized results determine which specific exercises you need to integrate. Not only will it help your golf game, but is important for your overall physical health and injury prevention.

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V1 Swing Analysis

Debbie partners with a Professional Golf Instructor, who, for 12 years was an instructor at one of the top golf academies in the world. He will analyze a video of your swing. You will receive:

  • Down-The-Line and Face-On Analysis
  • Voice-Over Analysis with Feedback

Combine this Service with the TPI Screening and Fitness Plan to Further Elevate Your Game!

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What is Your Golf Fitness Game Plan?

  • $200: Includes the TPI 17-point Screen and Fitness Plan
  • $275:  TPI Screen, Fitness Plan, and V1 Video Analysis
  • $75: 60 minutes of Fitness Training
  • $55: 40 minutes of Fitness Training
  • $45: 30 minutes of Fitness Training

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